Zhao Dong Visited Sinopec Capital, Calling for High-Quality Development

Zhao Dong, Sinopec Group’s President and Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Member Group, visited Sinopec Capital on June 30, emphasizing the importance of conducting the thematic education campaign to study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. He demanded that Sinopec Capital should focus on its main duty, shoulder the responsibilities, and give full play to its role of incubator. He also stressed that all staff should form strong synergy, contribute to Sinopec Group’s goal of high-quality development and building a world-leading company, and hail the 40th anniversary of Sinopec Group with excellent results.

Zhao Dong learned about Sinopec Capital’s reform and development, business and operation, fundamental work, Party building, and human resource management. He listened to the opinions and suggestions of staff from different business lines on deepening reform and high-quality development of the company, and discussed fully with them to deepen understanding and explore for business solutions.

Fully affirming Sinopec Capital’s achievements in the past five years since its establishment, Zhao Dong ordered the company to remember its original mission and clarify its responsibilities and position. He underlined efforts to seize opportunities, unify thoughts and enhance awareness, in order to seek targets in areas of new energy, new materials and new technologies, and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of Sinopec Group. He called for persistence in CPC’s leadership over SOEs and establishment of a modern enterprise system, promoting the deep integration of Party building work and main business in a market-oriented company, inheriting and carrying forward Sinopec’s good traditions, strengthening the construction of a professional talent team, and further improving the supporting system to play a greater role in scientific and efficient decision-making. He also encouraged Sinopec Capital to stick to the market-oriented reform, explore actively and innovate courageously, further deepen the reform, take the lead and serve as an example in Sinopec Group's reform process. He urged the company to hold on to the bottom-line mentality, effectively prevent and control business risks, improve the system and mechanism, take responsibilities and pay close attention to fundamentals, enhance staff’s awareness and ability of risk prevention and control, and promote the high-quality development of the company.

   Heads of relevant departments of Sinopec Headquarters took part in the visit.

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