Investment Philosophy

Value Investment

“Life is like a snowball. The important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill.”

— Warren Buffett

We follow the baseball theory that we don't have to swing at every pitch, we need to wait and find the most valuable opportunity to invest.

We firmly believe in Pendulum Theory to capture valuable and outstanding target by scientific research and judgment.

Responsible Investment

According to the concept of ESG(Environment, Society, Governance), we endeavor to create value for the sustainable socioeconomic development, while realizing our long-term and considerable investment reward.

Industrial Synergy Principle

We emphasize post-investment management, and are capable to empower the invested companies by providing service.

Investment Industries

New Energy: We will consistently promote the development of the “Four Supplies” (water supply, electricity supply, heat supply, and gas supply) of renewable energy, continuously enhance industrial chain synergistic developments and increase competitive advantage within New Energy industry, contribute towards Sinopec Group's goal of building world-leading clean energy and chemical company.

New Materials: Sinopec is a leading chemical material manufacturer. Through collaboration and introduction, we develop material and applications that have high value and high technical barrier, leading the chemical engineering sector of Sinopec Group towards middle-to-high end of the industrial chain, provide new momentum for the Group's growth.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection (ECEP): Sinopec has huge demand and profound accumulation in ECEP industry, which provides large market and strong support for outstanding ECEP enterprises.

Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing: Sinopec will build intelligent oilfields, intelligent refineries, digital pipe networks, smart terminals, etc. Our investment in leading enterprises in related fields promotes the industry chain upgrading while obtaining corresponding financial returns.

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence: Sinopec will tap into the data value generated in production and operation. We are willing to invest in big data and artificial intelligence enterprises with core competitiveness to improve efficiency in the energy and chemical industries.

Investment Management

Sinopec Capital has an integrated collaborative management system to achieve multi-department synergy and efficient operation.

We have established an omnibearing investment management system to achieve the integrated and refined management of research, investment, management and exit process.

Through the all-around, whole life cycle and omnibearing post-investment management, we are able to strictly control investment quality and devoted to value discovery and value creation.

Risk Management

We set up a professional risk control team to carry out risk control work independently.

Through the qualitative and quantitative analysis such as investing terms restricting, index monitoring and rating system, and the track of the key terms' implementation, a risk management system for information collection, risk identification, early warning and disposal is established.

Great importance has been attached to risks and rewards analysis for investment projects. According to the different stages and types of the projects, we prevent possible risks through reasonable allocation of capital.

Taking advantage of world class innovation leadership, value-adding ability, resource allocation capability and operation management proficiency, Sinopec Capital is dedicated to evolve into a professional, market-oriented, international highland for talents, capital and technology and bring shareholders steady growth returns!

Investment Team


Jin Yan

Investment Dep.1

Sun Rongtao

Investment Dep.2

Li Pengyu

Investment Dep.3

Liu Dongjie

Investment Dep.4

Zheng Yuan

Hydrogen Energy Fund Management Team

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