Sinopec Capital Co., Ltd. Open Recruitment Notice

Sinopec Capital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinopec Capital” or the “Company”), with a registered capital of RMB 10 billion, creates new development drivers and engines for the transformation and upgrade of Sinopec Group through investment in the emerging industries of new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end intelligence manufacturing, big data and artificial intelligence.

Sinopec Capital, a comprehensive reform pilot unit of the Sinopec Group utilizes market-oriented mechanisms.

Market-oriented Organizational Structure: Sinopec Capital achieves a flattening and “de-administrative” organization structure adhering to the managing director(MD) system generally adopted by international investment institutions, and personnel performance based promotions and remuneration.

Market-oriented HR Management: Sinopec Capital implements market-oriented human resources management. Once selected and employed, the applicant, in-company or not, must terminate the labor contract with the previous employer, establish labor relationship with Sinopec Capital in accordance with the law and deposit his/her personnel file in the talent market. He/she must strictly comply with Sinopec Capital’s mechanism of incentive and restraint, as well as that of assessment and exit.

Market-oriented Incentive and Restraint: Sinopec Capital establishes a market-based salary incentive and restraint system. Sinopec Capital offers a competitive salary and will establish a co-investment mechanism of shared benefits.

In line with business developments, Sinopec Capital is accepting applications. Please see the link on the recruitment webpage for details on the number of open positions, position descriptions and requirements.

I Recruitment Scope

All positions in this recruitment are open to the public. The workplace for these positions is in Beijing.

II Recruitment Qualifications

(1) Identify with the Sinopec corporate culture and the values of “entrepreneurship, innovation and value creation” advocated by Sinopec Capital; possess an enthusiastic work attitude, and have a good sense of teamwork, communication and coordination abilities and pioneering spirit; and fulfill requirements for creating new business opportunities.

(2) High comprehensive aptitude: Good personal conduct and professional ethics with no record of misconducts; strong organizational discipline, abidance with laws and regulations, decent, honest and self-disciplined.

(3) Strong professional ability: Investment personnel are required to have complete-flow-scheme investment and management experience, and abilities of solid due diligence and modeling analysis, as well as a comprehensive understanding and deep insight into the company's key investment industries.

(4) Strong learning ability: Professional knowledge, proficiency and practical experience required for performing duties; familiar with relevant policies, laws and regulations.

(5) Healthy, strong stress tolerance, and possess the necessary physical and psychological qualities needed for the position. Of candidates with equal qualifications, those with specialties in recreation and sports shall be given preference.

III Application Notice

(1) Application Method: Apply online through a third-party human resources service organization (Liepin).

(2) The application deadline is July 11, 2019, and any late application is considered invalid.

(3) One applicant may not apply for more than one post. Any application for multiple posts shall be considered invalid.

(4) The applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information submitted during the recruitment process. If any discrepancies are discovered, the Company has the right to cancel the application and employment qualification.

(5) The Company has the right to adjust the recruitment process for some positions according to the needs of the position and the application situation, as well as the final right of interpretation for this recruitment.

IV Recruitment Process

(1) The Company will conduct a qualification review according to the position’s requirements, namely, verifying the certificate materials, such as academic degree and diploma, CFA, CPA, sponsor representative, FRM and ACCA. Applicants who meet the qualifications and pass the qualification review will be selected as candidates.

(2) The Company will arrange a written exam, interview and other recruitment procedures for the candidates. The specific time, place and method will be announced.

V Matters Needing Attention

(1) The Company will contact the applicants using the information submitted. Please fill out the form accurately and keep communication open.

(2) The Company will, according to the results of the qualification review, notify chosen candidates to participate in the recruitment procedures, such as a written exam, interview and background investigation.

(3) If you have any question about this recruitment, please send an email to (this email address does not accept resumes).

(4) This recruitment is the first recruitment of the Company in 2019. In the future, the Company shall continue to recruit

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