Sinopec Capital Held Training Session on "Management Manual of Employee Integrity and Compliance"

In order to implement Sinopec Group’s requirement on “Improving Party Conduct, Upholding Integrity and Combatting Corruption”, Sinopec Capital held a training session on "Management Manual of Employee Integrity and Compliance" for employees of VP-level or above, with the purpose of building a culture of integrity and compliance, and cultivating a clean political environment.

Adhering to Sinopec Capital’s goal of becoming “specialized, marketized, internationalized and regulated”, the Manual aims to uphold the spirit of contract and establish a benchmark for compliance and ethics, and develop a culture of integrity and trustworthiness. In this way, Sinopec Capital’s brand image can also be enhanced, which can contribute to the high-quality development of the company.

The Manual combines positive guidance and negative lists to emphasize problem-oriented management and key investment segments. Key business areas, positions and personnel are highlighted. Absorbing the essence of ethic code of investment business, social morality and industry guidelines, the Manual clarifies the boundaries for employees in their work, in an effort to guide employees to respect regulations and to avoid crossing ethical boundaries. Therefore, a management goal can be achieved that everyone prioritizes honesty and compliance in their work. 

Detailed explanations were given on key and difficult topics such as business ethics, insider trading, anti-bribery and corruption, confidentiality, and accountability. The next step is to implement the Manual during the company's daily operations, start initial self-reporting and maintain ongoing compliance reporting.

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