Sinopec Capital Chairman Huang Wensheng Speaks at SIIS Forum

The Social Impact Investment & Sustainability Forum (SIIS) was held on January 29th. The Forum was hosted by Social Impact Investment & Procurement Foundation for the UN (SIIPF-UN), with a theme of  Strategic Thinking and Innovative Actions about Social Impact Investment in the Post-pandemic Era. Mr. Huang Wensheng, Chairman of Sinopec Capital Co., Ltd. made keynote speech on the Forum via video link.

In his speech, Chairman Huang gave a review on the objective set by each country to reach CO2 emissions peak and carbon neutrality, elaborating Sinopec’s efforts in transformaton and upgrading as well as sustainable development, sharing the original aspiration, mission, philosophy, vision as well as the hydrogen energy investment of Sinopec Capital.

SIIPF-UN is dedicated to providing special purpose fundraising, social impact investment, sustainable public procurement and technical support with experience, knowledge, management and expertise to support SDGs. The Foundation is committed to integrating global policy, investment, businesses, technology and innovation and channel-building capabilities, focusing on the two highest priority development areas of social impact investment and sustainable procurement to promote the high efficiency achievement of global sustainable development goals.

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