Sinopec Capital First Fund Launched

Launched by Sinopec Capital Co., Ltd., Enze Fund had its business registration completed recently, marking the establishment of the first fund of Sinopec.
With a total size of 5 billion yuan and the first round of 2 billion yuan, Enze Fund is guided by Sinopec Group’s development pattern of “One Foundation, Two Wings and Three Growth Points”, leverages its advantages of the strong industrial background, value chain integration and technology incubator, pursues deep-dive exploration for the quality investement targets within the Group and across the whole value chain, and builds the synergy with the Group by undertaking the front-end projects aimed for commercialization of technology achievements and in strategic emerging industries. Identifying strategic opportunities through financial investments, Sinopec Capital strategically focuses on emerging industries including new energy, new material, advanced smart manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection,big data and artificial intelligence, serving as Sinopec’s new engine to foster new momentum for transformation and sustainable development.
For many years, Sinopec has built a large reserve of scientific and technological achievements ready for commercialization, which are the core elements for fostering new momentum and  competitive advantages in the future. In 2018, Sinopec set up the Leading Group for Science and Technology Incubator, with an aim to catalyze the commercialization of sci-tech achievements in diversified ways. And fund investment serves as an important catalyst of this kind.
As the designated fund business platform of Sinopec Group, Sinopec Capital has been forging ahead with fund-raising to secure the other three investors, namely, China Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund, Tianjin Haihe River Industry Fund and Foshan Nanhai Financial High-tech Zone Investment Holding Co., Ltd.
As the large-size national fund, China Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund serves as the important practice in innovating the investment and finance mechanism of manufacturing industry and promoting national strategy with market-oriented mechanism.
Haihe River Industry Fund is the most influential and largest government guided fund in Tianjin Municipality. The Fund was set up to attract social capital and establish a number of FOFs in industiral investment, endeavorig to catalyze 500 billion yuan of social investment.
Foshan Nanhai Financial High-tech Zone Investment Holding Co., Ltd. is the new-type investment and financing platform in Nanhai District of Foshan city in Guangdong Province. The District is leading the development in hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology and the industrial sector. Thanks to a number of supportive policies backed by the government, Nanhai District has in place a relatively complete hydrogen energy and FCEV value chain, providing a solid foundation for the development of new energy industry.
The abundant capital strength of each sponsor, strong industrial and investor background, great market influence and exclusive access to supportive policies ensure Enze Fund massive capability in post-investment management, rich expertise in capital market, and huge resources of diversified channels and potential projects. The Fund will facilitate the integration of industry and financial resources and provide tailor-made and value-added services to the investee companies.
Based on the profit-and-risk-sharing and market-oriented system and mechanism, the LPs of Enze Fund will be allied through comprehensive and complete cooperation, the advantages of the industrial resources will be fully leveraged, and effective incentives will benefit the investment team. Based on the principle of pursuing return on investment for the Fund and its partners, Enze Fund is committed to explore the projects with investment values, and adopt value investment concept to buy good and right and sell with high return.


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