Symposium and Youth Party Lecture Marking the Centenary of the May Fourth Movement

On April 29th, in order to gain a thorough understanding of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Fourteenth Group Study Session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee regarding the historic significance and modern value of the May Fourth Movement, Comrade Huang Wensheng held a symposium with young employees under the age of 35 who are working in the Board Secretary Bureau, Strategic Business Unit of Capital Management and Financial Services, and Sinopec Capital. During the symposium, which was also held to celebrate the centenary of the May Fourth Movement, Mr. Huang delivered a Party lecture on Party education for the youth.

Young employees in attendance were all actively involved in the discussion, and shared their understanding of and insights into the spirit of the Movement.

After the symposium, Comrade Huang and the young employees reviewed the addresses of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the spirit of the May Fourth Movement and his sincere wishes for the young in recent years. Comrade Huang also shared his understanding of the spirit of the Movement by briefly reviewing the growth and achievements that Sinopec Group has made over the past 35 years and talking about his own work experience in the company for 30 years. The young employees used to be and will continue to be the pillar of Sinopec Group’s development. Comrade Huang called for all the young employees to build their own dreams into the dreams of their families, the nation and the country and to devote their youth and efforts to realizing them.

On April 30th, young employees watched the live broadcast of the Gathering Marking the Centenary of the May Fourth Movement together and studied the important address delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping.


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